The Trip will take place from August 11 to August 18. Trip expenses, including accomodation, will be our responsibility, you only have to get there with your own round-trip ticket, and make a symbolic contribution of $400. We also recommend that you bring some cash in case you wish to do some shopping or other parallel activities.

Visa Requirements

The following information comes from official government websites; however we recommend that you double-check with your local Lebanese embassy or consulate in case there is a change. Please get your visa well ahead of time since long processing delays are possible!

All travelors must have a valid passport. Entry to Lebanon will be refused if the traveler is holding a passport containing a visa for Israel, valid or expired, used or unused, or having any Israeli stamp on his/her passport.

One month visas are granted at the airport and the frontier offices, renewable up to three months, to the citizens of the following countries who are coming for the purpose tourism: Andorra – Antigua and Barbuda – Argentina – Armenia – Australia – Austria – Azerbaijan – The Bahamas – Barbados – Belarus – Belgium – Belize – Bhutan – Brazil – Bulgaria – Canada – Chile – China Rep – Czech Republic – Costa Rica – Croatia – Cyprus – Denmark – Dominican Republic – Estonia – Finland – France – Great Britain - Georgia – Germany – Greece – Hong Kong – Hungary – Iceland – Ireland – Italy – Japan – Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan – Latvia – Lithuania – Liechtenstein – Luxembourg – Macedonia – Macau (S A R) – Malaysia – Malta – Mexico – Moldova – Monaco – Montenegro – Netherlands – New Zealand – Norway – Palau – Panama – Peru – Poland – Portugal – Russia – Romania – Saint Kitts & Nevis – Samoa – San Marino – Serbia– Singapore – Slovakia – Slovenia – South Korea – Spain – Sweden – Switzerland – Tajikistan – Turkey (exclusively at airport) - Turkmenistan – USA – Ukraine – Uzbekistan –Venezuela –Yugoslavia.

If your country is not on the list, you should check with your local Lebanese embassy or consulate.

About the Trip

  • The Lebanon Trip 9 is open to all Rotaractors from around the world, outside of the District 2452 .
  • In order to provide a fair chance for all, the Lebanon Trip 9 should be the participant's first time to Lebanon.
  • Payment details will be sent to participants upon being selected.
  • Rotaractors will be selected to participate in the Lebanon Trip 9. Should other Rotaractors happen to be visiting Lebanon at the same time, they are welcome to join the group and follow the same program at their own expense.

About the Weather

  • August tends to be a little hot and humid during the day.
  • We will spend several days on the beach, and the weather will be suitable for swimming, so bring your swimsuits!
  • Temperatures can be cooler during the night and in mountainous areas; a sweater is recommended.

The Participation Fee of $400 Includes

  • Hotel and Camping accommodations
  • Transportation includes airport pick-up and departure, and all internal trips specified in the program. During free time, participants will be assisted in case they needed a taxi or any other form of public transportation.
  • Cost of meals: Three meals a day are fully covered. Alcohol (e.g. during evening and night time outings) are at the expense of the participants unless stated otherwise.
  • Cost of entrances and other activities specified in the program. Additional requests to visit extra places or extra activities will be at the expense of the participant.

The Participation Fee of $400 Does Not Include

  • Airline ticket cost
  • Visa or entrance cost
  • Alcohol (unless otherwise stated)
  • Additional visits and activities not mentioned in the program
  • Transportation during free time (unless private Rotaractors' cars are available)
  • Personal shopping expenses

* The organizing committee will ensure that participants who arrive the night before August 11th will be provided with either hosting at home, or arranged a night stay at a hotel with a good deal at the extra expense of the participant. Same applies for participants who wish to extend their stay in Lebanon.


Should a participant wish to cancel his/her trip for any reason, s/he should inform the Organizing Committee at least a month before the trip date in order to give a fair chance to Rotaractors on the waiting list to buy their airline tickets and get ready for the trip.

Visa Support

Visa support documents (e.g. invitation letter) will be provided if requested by the participant.